Guitars and String Instruments


Aroma Music Co. Ltd. is based in Shenzhen City, the heart of global electronics development and production.

Aroma is devoted to the research and development of high quality digital music products and music accessories.

Current products cover two areas. A line called music accessories under the brand name ‘AROMA’ includes tuners, metronomes, metro tuners, capos, instrument stands and hand trainer grips and much more.

Another line calls music electronics products under the brand name ‘TOM’S LINE ENGINEERING’,

Contains all types of guitar and bass effects pedals and types of guitar amplifiers. Our current and future products are designed to help seasoned students and musicians by providing them with the best tools available for study and performance.

Aroma Music is a young, committed, creative and motivated team. We believe that a high quality product is a key to success. This belief is an integral part of every stage of our delivery. From design, research and development to production, sales and service.

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