Alice Classical Guitar Strings AC106 6 Strings

  • There are 3 sets of strings in this package
  • Hard tension, string gauge: .0285, .033, .041, .030w, .036w, .044w
  • Clear nylon trebles, silver plated copper alloy wound basses
  • Provides a clear, bright timbre
  • Precise gauges give this set well-balanced tension and thus comfortable feel

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Alice Classical Guitar Strings AC106 6 Strings is classic nylon core guitar strings that offer a full tone with precise intonation and great projection. The clear treble strings are made of high-quality, clear nylon so that you get the best possible sound and the best possible play with the strings. Silver-plated wound copper alloy basses use a nylon core for warm tones. This set uses three clear nylon highs and three silver-plated, copper-wrapped basses for exceptional string balance and great projection. Economical ropes, especially for beginners.

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