China Remo Head 38 Inches 5 Strings Banjo

Brand: China Remo
Top Material Type: Remo head
Back Material Type: Sepele wood
Musical Instrument: Banjo
Item Weight: 7.5 Pounds
Number of Strings: 5

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  • Traditional design and construction.
  • REMO drum head the total length is approximately 38″ inches.
  • The drum is 11″ inches.
  • SPRUCE back and sides.
  • Steel insert on the bridge for a bright and punchy tone.

China Remo Head 38 Inches 5 Strings Banjo is a Great player’s model instrument. Ideal for beginners or advanced players who need a high-quality banjo.

China Remo Head 38 Inches 5 Strings Banjo Head Coated Top

The Top Coated Banjo Head has the traditional matt white look and is the most popular head for 5-string banjos. The coated upper banjo heads bring a crisp, dry tone without much sustain and ensure great clarity and note differentiation. Remo banjo heads are trusted by all of the leading banjo manufacturers around the world for their build quality, sound, and performance. Sizes are available in 1/16 “increments from 10” to 12 1/8 “in diameter. They come in three necklace heights: Low Necklace – 3/8”, Medium Necklace – 7/16 “, and High Necklace – 1/2 ”

China Remo Head 38 Inches 5 Strings Banjo Review (Banjo is Similar to Video)

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Banjo musical instrument

A banjo is a stringed instrument with a thin membrane stretched over a frame or cavity to form a resonator. The membrane is usually circular and is usually made of plastic or occasionally animal skin. The first forms of the instrument were developed by black Americans in the United States. Often associated with folk and country music, the banjo has also been used in some rock, pop, and hip-hop music that was also created by the black American community. Several rock bands like the Eagles, Led Zeppelin and The Allman Brothers used the five-string banjo in some of their songs. Historically, the banjo occupied a central place in traditional American black music and rural white folk culture before it made its way into the mainstream through the minstrel shows of the 19th century. In addition to the violin, the banjo is one of the pillars of American musical styles such as bluegrass and old-time music. It is also used very often in traditional jazz (“trad”). Banjo is also a common instrument for Caribbean genres such as biguine, calypso, and mento.

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