Classic Acoustic Guitar 38 Inch Black Color with 3 Picks

Origin: China
Brand Name: Classic
Color: Black
Strings: 6
Size: 38 inch
Weight: 2 KG
Finished: Glossy
Head Machine: Chrome

  • 3 Picks are Complimentary
  • Guitar bag sold separately

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The Classic Acoustic Guitar 38 Inch Black Color Price in Pakistan is an ideal instrument for beginners or young musicians. The depth and width of the body bring a balanced tone and plenty of projection to be heard throughout the room.

This ultra-affordable dreadnought acoustic guitar features a wooden body, which brings out lots of mid-range punch. The neck adds sustain without losing any strength in tone. The painted maple bridge and fingerboard add clarity to every note and a striking look to the front of the guitar. The Classic Acoustic Guitar 38 Inch Black Color helps with complicated fingerboard movements while moving the 20 frets up and down. The Classic Acoustic Guitar 38 Inch Black Color also has nickel hardware and covered machine heads. This Acoustic Guitar 38 Inch is sure to do the job, and at a price anyone can afford.

The Best Beginners Level Guitar at Lowest Price

A wonder for its price, the acoustic guitar traditional dreadnought design makes it a very playable guitar with a great, full tone. Perfect for strumming any type of music, it’s no wonder this guitar has received such high ratings from customers. It is very easy to tune. High quality sound and excellent projection and intonation make the Best Acoustic Guitar. Also great for camping or as a second guitar.

A Valuable Classic Acoustic Guitar 38 Inch Black Color that plays sweetly.

The Beginner Level 38 Inch Acoustic Guitar is an incredible deal for a Beginner Level Guitarist. Its smaller profile (7/8 “scale) makes it very playable for children or aspiring guitarists with a 38” body and hand frame. Features 38 inch body style, ideal for beginners.

An Excellent Beginner Level Guitar With Great Playability And Feel.

The Guitar is an epic bargain; You can’t beat the features you get for the price. The Guitar comes with chrome hardware, you have a great beginner level acoustic guitar at a killer price.

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Weight2 kg
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