D Addario Guitar Strings EZ900 .010-.050 Extra Light Gauge 85/15 Bronze

  • For: 6-String Acoustic Guitar
  • Type: Precision Wound
  • Material: 85/15 Bronze
  • Core: High-Carbon Steel
  • Core Shape: Hexagonal
  • Tone: Full, Bright
  • Gauge: Extra Light
  • Gauge Dimensions: .010-.014-.022-.030-.040-.050

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The D’Addario Guitar Strings EZ900.010-.050 Extra Light Gauge 85/15 Bronze, Great American Bronze 85-15 Round Bronze, guitar strings. Full basic tones, extremely bright highs, even more range than 80/20 brass strings. The large American bronze strings combine the brilliance of 80/20 alloy strings with the great sustain and long-lasting properties of phosphor bronze. The 85/15 brass wire is precisely wrapped around a carefully constructed hexagonal stainless steel core, resulting in a long-lasting tone and brilliant sound with excellent intonation.

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