High Quality Wooden Naal with Metal Hooks

  • Goat Skin use on both side
  • Percussion Instrument, High-Pitched Sound
  • Beautiful Decorative Item with Vibrant Sound
  • Easy to learn and Play Naal
  • Can make up your own band or orchestra
  • Great Quality for best sound and pitch effect

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High Quality Wooden Naal with Metal Hooks, The Naal originated in Pakistan and it is a wooden two-headed drum. Naal heads are tuned by bolts. To Play Naal sit horizontally on a cushion in front of a crossed-leg Naal the larger bass-skin is played with the left hand, the treble skin by the right hand. The treble skin is fitted with three concentric rings of dense black hardened paste which helps create a sound resonant with harmonics. The bass fundamental tone will be the lower tonic. Traditionally, the Naal is a favorite percussion instrument for Pakistan and India.

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