Yamaha Studio Monitor Pair of HS8 8 Inch 120W

Speaker Type: Monitor
Model Name: HS8
Audio Output Mode: Stereo
Color: Black

  • 8-inch cone woofer and 1-inch dome tweeter; Produce a low-distortion sound with a well-defined lower edge at any output level
  • Frequency response from 38Hz to 30kHz; Power consumption: 60 watts
  • 75 W LF plus 45 W HF bi-amp system 120 W in total; Level control (4dB / Center Click), EQ: high adjustment switch (/ 2dB to HF) / room control switch (0/2 / 4dB below 500Hz)
  • Room control and reaction control with high compensation
  • XLR and TRS headphone inputs. Crossover: 2kHz

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It Is Time To Check Reality With Yamaha Studio Monitor Pair of HS8 8 Inch 120W

Since the 1970s, the iconic white woofer and distinctive sound of Yamaha’s near-field reference monitors have become a true industry standard for one reason – their precision. Unlike studio monitors with extra bass or treble frequencies that sound more flattering at first, the Yamaha Studio Monitor Pair of HS8 8 Inch 120W speakers are designed to provide the most honest and accurate reference possible and provide an ideal sound platform to build on throughout the mixing process. By combining the knowledge and experience gained with cutting-edge sound technologies, the Yamaha speaker engineering team studied and optimized every aspect that has helped make these monitors the most reliable on the market. The second generation of the HS8 also expands the product range with a new 6.5 “model, which brings its extraordinary precision to even more recording environments.

Sound Philosophy For The Yamaha Studio Monitor Pair of HS8 8 Inch 120W

When choosing studio reference monitors for music mixing and production, one consideration takes precedence over all others – accuracy.

Starting with the legendary NS-10M and continuing with the MSP and the previous HS8, this new line shares a design philosophy that emphasizes the purity of sound without discoloring or altering the original sound. While many manufacturers try to tweak the sound of their monitors to make them impressive, Yamaha studio monitors are designed to get the best mix possible and to ensure that the sound from your speakers is true to the original. The near-field reference monitors of the HS8 embody this philosophy and offer a concise sound image, high resolution and flat reproduction.

Newly Developed Transducers

Yamaha Studio Monitor Pair of HS8 8 Inch 120W

The HS8 has newly developed converters that achieve surprisingly smooth responses over a wide range of bandwidths. These transducers use an advanced magnetic field design that regulates the magnetic response flux to provide natural, continuous sound transitions. The materials and design of each component have been carefully reviewed and then optimized to dramatically improve the accuracy of signal reproduction across the audio spectrum.


The HS8 has a newly developed, highly efficient 1 “dome tweeter, which significantly expands the usable frequency range and delivers excellent high-resolution sound. By using a thick waveguide that minimizes vibrations, the new tweeter is able to produce smooth and Deliver distortion-free high tones up to 30kHz.


Using newly developed, extremely responsive woofers with large, carefully selected magnets, the HS8 monitors produce low-distortion sound with a sharp lower edge at any output level. All of the components of these powerful woofers, including the woofer ring and basket, further contribute to the impressive bass of the HS8 while delivering clear, precise mids.

High-Performance Amp Unit

Yamaha Studio Monitor Pair of HS8 8 Inch 120W

The HS8 speakers use an amplifier unit that is perfectly matched to the transducers used in each model in the series. Equipped with a bi-amplifier design with a separate dedicated amplifier for the woofer and tweeter, this amplifier unit ensures that every loudspeaker in the HS8 delivers consistently high-resolution sound with an exceptionally flat response across the entire sound spectrum.

Low Resonance Enclosure Design

Yamaha Studio Monitor Pair of HS8 8 Inch 120W

The housings of the HS8 have been developed to eliminate unwanted resonances and to increase the accuracy of the sound reproduction to its extreme limits. The housings are made of a very dense and resilient MDF with dampened acoustics, which is perfect for reference monitors. The engineers of the HS8 draw on more than 100 years of experience in piano building from Yamaha and also used a traditional three-way miter connection technology. This construction, common to architectural design, firmly anchors the cabinet corners to dramatically improve durability and eliminate unwanted resonances that can affect the overall sound.

Cutting Edge Noise Reduction Technology

Yamaha Studio Monitor Pair of HS8 8 Inch 120W

The design of the speaker terminal can greatly affect the overall clarity of the sound. A vortex at the edges of the door can often create air vibrations inside the door that create undesirable noise. By introducing advanced noise cancellation technology that includes a full analysis of a visual sound representation, Yamaha engineers are able to control and reduce the vortex. Through this in-depth analysis, we have found the ideal port design that leads to an audible noise reduction of up to 6 dB. Utilizing this cutting-edge technology enables the HS8 studio monitors to meet the demands of the most demanding professional production environments.

Controls and Connectivity

Yamaha Studio Monitor Pair of HS8 8 Inch 120W

The full-range models of the HS8 have two response controls with detailed settings that allow them to adapt to the surface acoustics of rooms of different shapes and sizes. ROOM CONTROL allows you to attenuate the exaggerated and abnormal bass that often occurs when speakers are placed close to walls, while HIGH TRIM allows more flexible control of the high-frequency response. The HS broadband loudspeakers can accept a wide variety of balanced and unbalanced sources such as mixers, keyboards and audio interfaces with XLR and TRS telephone sockets as inputs. On the HS8S subwoofer, the HIGH CUT control sets the cut-off frequency of the high-frequency attenuation of the subwoofer output from 80 Hz to 120 Hz, while the PHASE switch sets the phase of the subwoofer output. The LOW CUT switch and the LOW CUT control allow the attenuation of low frequencies for the output between 80 Hz and 120 Hz. The HS8S subwoofer has XLR and TRS jack inputs, as well as XLR outputs for L and R and EXT SUB output, fitted.

Flexible Set up (HS-I only)

Yamaha Studio Monitor Pair of HS8 8 Inch 120W

With the addition of mounting points and the HS, the HS-I models support three optional bracket types – wall, ceiling, and pole – providing the flexibility needed to meet the needs of a wide variety of sound environments.

Yamaha Studio Monitor Pair of HS8 8 Inch 120W Overview

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Yamaha Studio Monitor Pair of HS8 8 Inch 120W Specifications

General specifications
Speaker type2-way bi-amp powered studio monitor
Frequency range (-10dB)38Hz – 30kHz
ComponentsLF8″ cone
HF1″ dome
Output power120W (LF:75W, HF:45W)
I/O connectorsXLR3-31 type (balanced), PHONE (balanced)
Power consumption60W
ShapeBass-reflex type
Cabinet materialMDF
DimensionsW250mm (9.8″)
H390mm (15.4″)
D334mm (13.1″)
Net weight10.2kg (22.5 lbs.)
OthersLEVEL control (+4dB/center click) , EQ: HIGH TRIM switch (+/- 2dB at HF) / ROOM CONTROL switch (0/-2/-4 dB under 500Hz)
Frequency response (-10dB)
Frequency response (-3dB)
Input sensitivity
Flying and mounting hardware

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